Parking Sensors '100267

Parking Sensors '100267

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 The TORK Series parking system emits short pulses of ultrasound waves, which then rebound from obstacles within their field of view. The rebounded signals are then received again by the sensors. The central control unit then evaluates the time delay of the rebounded signals and interprets the distance of an obstacle.

The Kit includes either 2 or 4 integrated reverse parking sensors and an audible siren. The system is hard-wired to the reverse lights of the vehicle allowing the system to automatically engage once the vehicle is in reverse.

Initial tones confirm the selection of reverse gear, as the vehicle reverses nearer to an obstacle the tones become more frequent and remain constant at approximately 30cm from the obstacle.

Installation is a easy as, simply drill the bumper with the supplied drill bit, and insert the sensors. Connect the sensor wires to the control unit. Connect the supplied power (+) and ground (-) wires to the reverse lights. Sensor cable length 9 ft, Siren cable length 16 ft.

Frequently asked questions

Where do you get power from?

We recommend using the reverse light as the power source.  This will activate the sensors and siren when the vehicle is in reverse.  Others may choose to use an alternate 12V power source with a toggle switch. (toggle switch not included)

How big is the control unit and where do you install in?

The Control unit is about the size of a cell phone and has an adhesive on the backing.  We usually adhere it to the inside of the taillight house, The tail light is usually removed to source the 12V power from the reverse lights.  We install it inside the housing where is it safe from damage.

Will the include drill bit work on metal bumpers?

Yes, but we recommending drilling quite slowly and to use an oil to lubricate and cool down the bit.  We have successfully drilled 4 holes in a steel bumper with 1 bit.



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